Thursday, November 03, 2016

Dr. Strange Date Night

We are most definitely comic book obsessed at our house.

We go to the opening night of comic book movies more religiously than just about anything.
I mean, not ALL of us.
We don't take the kids.
There are too many of them.
And we have to screen them first.

There are a few things that annoy me about opening nights of comic book movies.
Everyone claps. They clap when it starts.
They clap when superheroes do heroic things.
They clap when it's over.
They clap when the after credit scene starts.
And they clap when the second not a surprise anymore secret scene starts, almost as if they're actually surprised.
The clapping my gets me EVERY time.
It's like they're all a weird big family connected and bonding over these characters that they love.

And I look around and I'm like, "No...I'm not part of this family. Stop clapping. You're embarrassing yourselves. And I'm second hand embarrassed by all of you."

And shhhh....don't tell....but I ALMOST distractedly clapped along at the end of the first aftercredit scene tonight. Which made me even more irritated at that contagious clapping.

Before I let you think for too long that their enthusiastic clapping annoys me because I'm above their hero worship....let me steer you straight.

I'm so far below those stinky nerdy single men in my hero worship in ways that their limited life experience could never understand. And so I do not clap NOT because I'm embarrassed to be sitting amongst them in my comic book apparel. I'm not embarrassed. I don't clap along because it feels disrespectful. Do you clap in church?

Ok. Seriously though....don't you sometimes feel overwhelmingly like you should clap in church? And sometimes don't you feel bad for not showing your approval or enjoyment through clapping? Sometimes it just feels rude not to clap. And when you think about it too hard, just like thinking too hard on anything, clapping is weird. WEIRD.

Back to hero worship. Except now I'm tired and went on too long about clapping.

But I will say that there is a lot of truth in comic books and super heroes. And it's all relatable to our own lives, our history, our religions and our truths. And it's all thought provoking.

To sum up the embarrassing traditional drive home recap that joey and I have....

This is what I love about comic book movies in a nutshell.

The theme is always that it's not about you. They're heroes and they serve other people. It's not about them. And usually their lesson is to learn to control themselves and their bodies and to put others well being before their own selfish desires.

Also....there is usually a love interest or a back burner love story theme. But it's not the focus. It's more of a constant in the background.  The reason for the hero to keep trying, etc but not a suffocating main theme to the movie.

Alright...let's talk politics next. ;)

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